Collaborative Catholic Formation Ministries (CCFM) was founded in August 2011 with the dual purpose of forming outstanding youth ministers for the Church, and providing excellent youth ministry to parishes of all sizes. Our staff works as a community to support each other and learn from one another in order to become the dedicated ministers that God has called us to be. You can use this website to learn about what God has set before us and how we are being led by the Spirit to answer this call. Read more about our mission.

You can also read through our blogs for inspiration and guidance. The blogs are written with youth ministers in mind, however, since we believe that all those who interact with youth impact them in some way, our blogs really offer something for everyone.


Upcoming Events: 

What does the Church have to say about our sexual identity?   
As Catholics, how do we approach dating and relationships?


ENLISTED is returning this fall! Join us as we discuss how to live out our faith in an over-sexualized culture. The event will have separate discussion groups for middle school and high school youth to ensure quality discussion. 
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6-9pm at St. Thomas Aquinas' PAC in College Station on October 21st


 Parent Session Speaker: Jim Beckman is a Visiting Associate Professor of Leadership at the Augustine Institute in Denver, CO where he serves as a Professor of Leadership, Evangelization and Discipleship. He also coordinates the Leadership for the New Evangelization Program for the Institute.  Jim has been involved with parish ministry, evangelization and leadership development for more than 30 years.  A graduate from Franciscan University of Steubenville in 1987, Jim has served in various roles of leadership of national, regional and local ministry ever since.  He is a dynamic and passionate speaker and has a great love for the Church. He has built solid and thriving ministry programs in several parishes over the years. He and his wife, Meg, live in Highlands Ranch, CO with their five children: Aaron, Claire, Daniel, Jonathan and Brian.


 Youth Session Speakers: Chris and Kendra Bartlett have a passion for sharing God’s love.  They believe that the gift of sexuality showcases this beauty when ordered properly.  Chris has a MA in Theology and has been a full time Youth Minister for 14 years. Kendra has a background in teaching and has completed the course work of the Diocese of Austin Theology of the Body Course.  Chris & Kendra have also completed the level 1 Theology of the Body Institute with Christopher West.  Their dynamic style combined with their own living witness has engaged audiences of youth for the last 10 years.  Chris & Kendra live near Austin with their 4 children. 


  Are you seeking an encounter with God? Have you been looking for an opportunity to pray and grow with others?

Encounter is a night of praise & worship with Eucharistic Adoration. The night features a short talk and the opportunity to pray with others. All are welcome to this free event. 

October 3rd from 7-9pm at Christ the Good Shepherd Chapel

Need prayer support?

Email prayer@ccfm.us with your intentions so that our staff can pray for you. We begin each morning praying as a team, and we would love to include your intentions in that time!